GPP Minutes of Tuesday 30th August 2016

by kpaterson on 18 October, 2016


Present 4 person – Karl Paterson, Coralie Clarke, Ron Kawalilak, and Councillor Doug Thompson

Apologies – Val Cousins, Mayor Brad Pettit, Gerald & June Shepperson, Ingrid Waltham.

Meeting began at 7.05pm. Chairperson : Ron Kawalilak Minutes : Coralie Clarke

PERTH FREIGHT LINK – Ron – The only new news which most are probably up with, is that the Supreme Court threw out the previous judgement. The original ruling cited inconsistency with EPA’s own rules.

Government is moving ahead with prepatory plans for Beelier Wetlands.

Opposition groups raising money for a further challenge. All felt that the Perth Freight Link is dead in the water, and just watching what happens now. Doug felt the same. Roll on next election.

ROUND-ABOUT CNR FORREST & WILKINSON STREETS – Coralie – Once again requested some thought be put into providing better plants for the centre garden. The ones in there at present are pretty sad, and full of weeds. Doug said he would look into getting some different colour grasses, and Coralie and Ron felt that they and perhaps other residents might like to plant them as a project for the street. It was felt that there isn’t reason for it to look bitsy and overgrown and colourless, and there isn’t any reason why residents should have to settle for a sad looking round-a-bout, when there are many really nice ones around the metro area, including those in Fremantle.

PARKING AND NOISE ON GIBSON PARK – Coralie – The noise from the loudspeaker system has crept up again. Last Saturday was particularly loud. Other groups that use it, usually schools having lightning carnivals during the

week, don’t seem to be aware of the decibel limit, because it is very loud. Schools sometimes come 2-3 times a week, and up to 30 big white buses come and drop players off around the park. Coralie said the buses were not usually problematic where noise is concerned, because once the carnival is over, they have usually all left within 15-20 minutes. These carnivals usually go from 9am to 2.30pm.

One particular carnival recently had 3 buses that were seen, parking on the lower grassed park, which is puzzling because they drop them off at the edges of the park, and the walk to the playing courts is 50 to 100 metres at most, so there is no need for them to park on the playing field, and just adds to the degradation of the grass.

Coralie reported seeing a group of men in suits on the lower grassed area in the past few weeks with a drone. It was thought they were checking out the condition of the grassed area from car use, or perhaps something to do with the new playground.


Some discussion took place regarding the Australia Day Fireworks, and the good and bad of the yearly celebration. Doug reported many emails after the Herald article, many not all that flattering. Doug felt the cost is too great and Council funds most of it. All felt that there may be other more intimate or better ways to celebrate it, such as schools having family B-B-Q’s or concerts. Coralie felt as we become more conscious about the indigenous story, that it is a bit ‘in your face’ to keep celebrating it in the way we have for so long. The idea that a group of people could come into your home and take over would cause so much angst and anger, yet we don’t connect that to our indigenous first Australians.

Ron said it is not a cancellation of Australia Day, but a cancellation of a particular type of event. A rethink of what we do on Australia Day could be in order. He felt there were quite a few cultural awareness activities that would be appropriate. He also felt whenever people begin wrapping themselves in flags, there is very often very little patriotism involved.

2. Ron brought up the presentation on improvements to Gibson Park. Small discussion ensued regarding the improvements to Gibson Park and where we

are in the process. Is the Stage 1 budget for this year. Doug said he would look into it.

A group of P & C people came in just as we were finishing, both groups must have booked on the same evening. Luckily we had just finished and didn’t hold them up much.

Meeting closed at 7.30pm. Short and sweet. For all those coping with flu or illness, we wish you speedy recovery.

Next meeting – Tuesday 25th October 2016 at usual time of 7pm.


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