Minutes of GPP Meeting … 25th October 16

by kpaterson on 14 November, 2016

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 25 October 2016

The Library E. Fremantle Primary School – Forrest Street, Fremantle

Attendance: Coralie Clarke, Val Cousins, Ron Kawalilak, Gerald Shepperson, June Shepperson, Cr. Doug Thompson, Cr. Ingrid Waltham
Apologies: Karl Paterson
Meeting Chairperson: Val Cousins

Meeting opened: – 7.05 pm


  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Attendees agreed with the agenda presented.

    Minutes of the meeting held 30 August 2016 were approved.

  2. Perth Freight Link Update – Premier Colin Barnett has announced that contracts for the controversial Roe 8 project have been signed. It was noted that environmental activists are pursuing a High Court Challenge to Roe 8. No further decisions on the other proposed elements of the Perth Freight Link project are expected until after the March 2017 State election.
  3. Update on proposed Gibson Park improvements – Cr. Thompson told the meeting that Fremantle’s 2016-17 budget includes an allocation for Stage 1 (of 3) of the proposed improvements to Gibson Park. In a presentation to the Precinct on 23 February 2016, Stage 1 involved consolidating various fences for a more uniform appearance; installing a footpath and associated plantings along the Forrest Street verge of the park; removing existing fitness equipment from the swing pit; replacing mulch in existing play areas with clean white sand; and installing new adventure play equipment and associated plantings. As yet, there is no timeline for this work to begin.
  4. Plants for roundabout at corner of Forrest and Wilkinson – There was some discussion during the August meeting of the Precinct about the need for new plantings in the centre of this roundabout as it was full of weeds and tired looking plants. Cr. Thompson informed us that parks and garden staff are looking at plantings and maintenance of all roundabouts in the city, and the roundabout at Forrest and Wilkinson will be treated as a priority.
  5. Parking and loudspeaker noise at Gibson Park – Coralie told the meeting that cars continue to park on the northeastern grassed playing field up to four nights a week when netball was played at night and that this could be prevented if the middle gate was locked as it was supposed to be. Cr. Waltham said she would follow up to determine why this gate was being left open and not locked.
  1. Loudspeaker noise at Gibson Park – There was some discussion about the noise of the netball loudspeaker system. While there appeared to be better management of the system in July and August, noise levels had crept up in September and October, making it more intrusive to local residents.
  2. Proposed new lighting at Gibson Park – Coralie told the meeting that stakes with ribbons can be seen by the hard surface netball courts where new lighting is planned. Her concern was that there was a stake with a ribbon on the grassed area used for netball. Cr. Thompson said that Council would adhere to lights only on the hard court area.
  3. Removal of Esplanade Carriage Coffee Shop – Val and others expressed their concern about the forced closure or relocation of the Carriage Cafe? on the Esplanade. The City of Fremantle’s proposes to spend $700,000 on building a new hospitality venue for the Esplanade Hub near the railway line and Ferris wheel. The building will include a new hamburger restaurant. The Carriage Cafe?, which has operated on the site since 1970, will not have its lease renewed and will have to be relocated or demolished. Crs. Waltham and Thompson advised the meeting that Council was considering this issue on the following night and if any residents had concerns they should email their Council representatives asap.
  4. Update on Inner Harbour Community Liaison Group – A brief summary of the 8 September 2016 meeting of the Inner Harbour Community Liaison Group was provided by Ron, who represents GPP at these meetings.
    Inner Harbour Trade: Trade is still subdued at Fremantle Harbour, with container trade down 4% in 2015-16, motor vehicle trade the same as last year after suffering declines of !2% and 10% the two previous years; and bulk trade performing well with bumper grain harvests expected and Kwinana Bulk Terminal shipping five million tonnes/year of iron ore.

    Cruise Update: 2015-16 was the busiest cruise season since the early 1970s, with 58 ships involving 152,743 passengers (138,992 of them being ‘turnaround’ passengers) and 40,000 crew contributing to the local economy. The 2016-17 cruise season looks to be even bigger with 60 cruise ship visits, including the Ovation of the Seas (on December 6-7), the biggest cruise ship to ever visit Australia.

    Port Sale Update: The sale of Fremantle Port was announced in the May 2015 State Budget. State Government introduced legislation to State Parliament to enable the port sale (via long-term lease) in May 2016. At this stage, the sale will not happen before the March 2017 State election. Fremantle Ports continues to run business as usual.

10. Public benches – Coralie talked about the value of having benches or verge seats placed throughout Fremantle to act as rest stops for walkers. This was warmly supported.

Next Meeting / AGM and Christmas Function, Tuesday, 29 November 2016 6:00 PM Town Hall Meeting Room

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