GPP Minutes of Meeting …28th February 2017

by kpaterson on 5 April, 2017

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 28 February 2017

Library, East Fremantle Primary School

Attendance: Coralie Clarke, Val Cousins, Ron Kawalilak, Karl Paterson, Gerald Shepperson, June Shepperson, Cr Doug Thompson
Apologies: Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt, Cr Bryn Jones, Cr Ingrid Waltham

Meeting opened – 7.10 pm Chairperson – Val Cousins Minutes – Ron Kawalilak


  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Attendees agreed with the agenda presented.

    Minutes of the meeting held 29 November 2016 were approved.

  2. Perth Freight Link – Community opposition to Roe 8 and the proposed Roe 9 tunnel under White Gum Valley to High Street is growing and expressing itself more robustly that it has during much of the debate about the proposed Perth Freight Link project:
    • Hundreds of protesters are turning out most days to oppose the clearing of a five- kilometer dual carriageway road, from the Kwinana Freeway through the Beeliar Wetlands to Stock Road.
    • More than 1,000 people attended a rally in Fremantle’s King Square on February 25th to oppose Roe 8. At the rally, the project was characterized as “an environmental, economic and planning disaster.” There are currently no plans to take the freight link from the tunnel ending on High Street to North Fremantle and the Port.
    • There was an overflow crowd at a community forum on February 27th in East Fremantle, organised by local residents to discuss the effects of the proposed Freight Link’s Roe 9 tunnel. Community members heard from Professor Peter Newman of Curtin University, Assistant Professor Sajni Gudka of UWA, and Infrastructure Consultant Cameron Edwards. The forum was held at the Sweetwater Roof Bar in East Fremantle.
    • A Bridge Walk Protest is planned for March 5th and is organised by concerned North and East Fremantle residents. It will be a bridge walk to show the missing link in the flawed government process that will see traffic bottlenecking at the Stirling Bridge.

      Action: (1) Should the Liberal Government be re-elected at the State election on March 11th, GPP requests that Fremantle Council provides it with any concept designs or drawings it has showing the impacts of Roe 9 on High Street, Marmion Street, Stirling Highway and the surrounding neighbourhood; and (2) Should Labor

win the election and cancel Roe 8, GPP requests that Fremantle Council urgently approach the new State Government concerning the long-sought improvements to High Street that would make the corner of High Street and Stirling Highway safer.

  1. Gibson Park – Coralie told the meeting that she had a productive meeting with Cr Ingrid Waltham and City Parks and Gardens Manager Ryan Abbot at Gibson Park to discuss park maintenance and improvements. Issues discussed included improved maintenance of the lower grassed playing area, getting rid of the ruts caused by vehicles, protection of the gas bbq from vandalism and the general mischief of young boys, and Stage 1 (of 3) of the proposed improvements to Gibson Park. Coralie pointed out that the ruts and areas where cars parked on the lower grassed area were not being filled properly or cut out and regrassed, and this was resulting in the proliferation of weeds in these rutted areas and the ruts being a hazard for anyone walking on the park at dusk.
  2. Diesel Particulate Pollution – Coralie told the meeting about a British documentary that reported on a study that showed that the planting of silver birch trees along busy roads could more than halve levels of harmful particulate pollution in nearby homes. Air pollution is linked to more than 29,000 deaths in Britain each year. The British study showed that after a fortnight, pollution levels inside the properties screened by the trees had fallen by more than 60%. While birch trees don’t grown well here, this study does point to the possibility that other trees that do grow well here, and have leaves that are covered by microscopic hairs, could help protect the community from diesel particulate pollution.
  3. Bulk Waste Pickups – This financial year’s bulk waste (junk and white goods) verge collection took place in September 2016, and it was raised that a second collection is not scheduled for the remainder of the 2016-17 financial year. Doug told the meeting that Council is reviewing its bulk waste pickups in order to increase recycling rates and decrease long periods in which bulk waste remains on the street in some parts of Fremantle. He said that bulk waste bins for junk and white goods are provided at the City Works Depot car park in Knutsford Street four times a year. He also explained that Council is considering a bigger recycling centre at the depot. Several attendees at the meeting spoke about the effectiveness and value of verge collections of bulk waste. Concerns were raised about the elderly and residents with disabilities who may be unable to access the bins at the depot. The meeting noted that the recycling centre was now accepting paint for disposal. Action: Those attending the GPP meeting expressed strong support for maintaining at least one bulk waste (junk and white goods) verge collection a year and strong support for the expansion of services at the recycling centre in Knutsford Street.
  4. Weekly and Biweekly Bin Collection – There was some discussion about the weekly collection of garbage and the biweekly collection of recyclables, and whether the yellow-top recycling bins could be emptied every week as some residents filled their yellow-top bins more frequently than their green-top bins. It was recognised that this

would increase the city budget. Doug told the meeting that the City offered larger yellow-top bins for $20 and smaller green-top bins for no charge.

  1. Gibson Park Lights – There was some discussion about the new netball lights at Gibson Park and whether they were adversely impacting on nearby residents. Action: Any overspill of lights from the netball courts at Gibson Park that affect the amenity of nearby residents should be reported to the City. This can be done by emailing Cr Doug Thompson (
  2. Other Business – In the lead-up to the State election, Labour has pledged $1.8m for upgrade of the Gibson Park netball facilities. According to the Fremantle netball Association, this funding would be used to extend the main pavilion, enclose the show courts, and provide more spectator seating. Concern was expressed that the enclosing of anything on Gibson Park for netball should not impact negatively on residents around the park and, in particular, should not cut off access to any part of the park.

Meeting closed – 8:05 pm

Next Meeting – Tuesday, 11 April 2017 7:00 pm

Library, East Fremantle Primary School

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Karl Paterson 6161 5890

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