Alternative Minutes of GPP Meeting Tuesday 11th April 2017

by kpaterson on 22 June, 2017

Minutes – Ron Kawalilak
Apologies – None

Present – Clinton Chambers, Ron Kawalilak, Val Cousins, New Labor member Lisa O’Malley, Rep from Netball Association – Karen Wheatland, Clinton Chambers, Mayor Brad Pettitt, Coralie Clarke, Greg Harper, Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Christina Johnstone, John Linehan, Karl Paterson, Councillor Ingrid Waltham, Hon Simone McGurk, MLA.

Minutes of last meeting approved – Karl
Chair Person – Val Cousins
Meeting open at 7.05pm ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

1. Perth Freight Link – Lisa O’Malley told the meeting that the State election effectively put a line through Roe 8 and 9 while contractual arrangements were being worked through. Attention was now turning to revegetation of the area cleared by the previous government.

Lisa to chair Roe 8 revegetation committee with the vision being one of connecting the ocean to the wetlands. 42 hectares were cleared, and revegetation of 50 hectares to take place.

2. High Street / Stirling Highway Intersection Upgrade :- Now that the Perth Freight Link project has been cancelled, attention now turns back to the long overdue upgrade of High Street and the Stirling Highway intersection. There was wide-ranging discussion on this at the meeting.

Mayor Pettitt told the meeting that the previously proposed major upgrade to High Street and Stirling Highway, which allowed freight trucks to travel at 60kmh around a wide High and Stirling bend, was unnecessary, overly intrusive and expensive. He said that options to be considered included an immediate upgrade at the intersection to make it safer and more efficient, reducing noise and pollution impacts on nearby residents and a moderate and immediate upgrade to High Street from Stirling Hwy to Carrington Street.


Simone McGurk spoke about 4 rather than 6 lanes – adequate pedestrian crossings or overpasses of High Street and Stirling Hwy for safety and for the project to proceed soon. He was Interested in community views and spoke of the need for community input. Main Roads are focussing on the ‘design spectrum’ and would rather not have to deal with people. Committee members want and need to be consulted and informed of what is decided and happening. Need for moderate and immediate upgrade to High Street/Stirling Highway intersections … but not proceeding as originally proposed with a six- lane wide trench. Retain many of the mature trees south of High Street, making it safe for netballers to park and access the courts, and making it safer for High Street residents who currently have driveways onto High Street.

High Street residents at the meeting spoke of the need to move the upgraded road and trucks as far from the front of their homes as possible, factoring in the golf courses – to reduce impacts of noise, danger, toxic fumes.

3. Gibson Park Improvements – Ingrid told of stalled discussions in 2016 because of staff changes within the city’s parks and gardens team. New Parks manager is Ryan Abbott. No further progress – Stage 1 (of 3) of the proposed improvements to Gibson Park has been delayed . There will be a budget item in the 2017/18 draft budget.

In a presentation to the precinct on 23rd February 2016, Stage 1 involved consolidating various fences for a more uniform appearance; installing a footpath and associated plantings along Forrest Street verge of the park; removing existing fitness equipment from the swing pit; replacing mulch in existing play areas with clean white sand; and installing new adventure play equipment and associated plantings.

In a discussion on the proposed improvements to the playground area, Coralie pointed to latest research which shows that too many children do not have adequate time interacting with nature which is advantageous for mental and physical health. Many places are now going back to adventure/nature playgrounds for children. Lisa O’Malley said that State Government may be able to contribute, (e.g. water fountain). This needs to be followed through .

4. Gibson Park Upgrade of Netball facilities – Karen Wheatland, representing the Fremantle Netball Association, broadly explained how the association planned to use the $ 1.8m Labour had pledged for the upgrade to existing -3-


Netball facilities. This would include improvements to existing buildings, more shade areas between the buildings and improvements to spectator seating.

There will be no enclosing any of netball courts as had been incorrectly reported in one media story.

Karen suggested that 5000 players each Saturday during the major netball season (April to September) are involved. There are 40 clubs and over 500 teams ranging from 8 years old to adults. Netball is also playeddd evenings during and outside this season and midweek. Coralie felt that the figure 5000 was a bit low. Statistics were taken some years back and it was decided that about 10,000 people lobbed on the spot on Saturday mornings. That may have included parents etc, so 5000 players may be close to numbers attending, excluding the families and visitors.

Coralie raised the usual parking issues. Karen said volunteers try very hard, and times have changed this year so young players will be playing later. This should reduce some traffic problems. Coralie felt the netball officials could do more in stopping danger spots developing, and perhaps they could be more proactive in encouraging people to park responsibly via the PA system i.e. noting parking signs around the park and people’s driveways and verges.

There was a wide-ranging and positive discussion on how the Association, the City and local area residents could work together to deal with issues such as parking on and around the park on Saturdays, loudspeaker noise during the week, and the middle gate (ie. Old access road) being left unlocked, allowing unauthorised vehicle parking on the lower grassed field.

Coralie raised issue of loud speaker noise during the week. Karen said the PA system is set, however Association will try to police it better. Coralie said that other groups used the grounds during the week, including schools, and they don’t seem to be aware of the noise the PA makes. Karen said the PA system should not be in use during the week. Coralie said that as she was leaving home for the meeting, (Tuesday night) someone on the PA system was warning cars parked on the park and middle road that they would be locking the gates and they would need to move their cars.

The middle gate was left open (old access road). Mowers may have left it open. Coralie said the mowers start at the top grassed area and then drive down the park verge to the bottom grassed area. Sign to be put on gate to ‘lock please’.


There was some discussion of light spill from new lights. New lights are ‘cooler’ and are brighter.

5. Inner Harbour Community Liason Group – Advocate for publishing of minutes of IHCLG, Ron, who represents GPP at these meetings, provided a brief summary of the 14th March 2017 minutes. (See attached ).

Trade is still subdued; total port trade is down 2%; vehicle trade is also down. Fremantle Ports is waiting on information from the new State Government about the port sale proposed by the previous government and other matters. Fremantle Ports has been looking at new initiatives for Victoria Quay including what could be done to support the cruise ship industry and how the west end of Victoria Quay could be upgraded and integrated better with the Fremantle CBD.

6. Other Business – Cr Ingrid Waltham told the meeting that the White Gum Valley Precinct will be holding a special joint meeting concerning the High Street Upgrade, Kings Square and the Heart of Beaconsfield. The Hon Simone McGurk MLA, will be attending and addressing the meeting. All Gibson Park Precinct residents and Beaconsfield residents are invited to attend this meeting.

Tuesday 4th July at 7.30 pm
at WGV Primary School Library…

Presentations : Mayor Brad Pettitt (Kings Square)
Cr Ingrid Waltham & Mayor (High Street)

Paul G/ Louise ( Heart of Beaconsfield)

Meeting ended 8pm.
Next GPP Meeting – Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 7 pm … Library, East

Fremantle Primary School
Check FREOSPACE for details :
Contact Person : Karl Paterson ; 6161 5890

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