Minutes of GPP Meeting … Tuesday, 27th June, 2017

by kpaterson on 2 July, 2017


Present – Karl Paterson, Coralie Clarke, June and Gerald Shepperson, Councillor Ingrid Waltham, and Councillor Doug Thompson.

Apologies – Mayor Brad Pettitt, and Val Cousins. Chair and Minutes – Coralie and Karl.

Previous Minutes – Karl explained that there had been a doubling up of last meeting minutes, and had blended them together, and hoped they were understandable.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 1.

High Street Upgrade – Ingrid said the new WA Government has an opportunity to review and have another look at it. The city has come up with an option supported by the city and council which involves a smaller scale upgrade.

Main Roads proposal was costed at $120 million for the massive intersection which was part of the old plan. Council proposal not costed yet about $30 to $40 million, which is a very big saving on the original plan, allowing the extra money to be put toward other urgent upgrades such as the traffic problems in North Fremantle and other spots. It is lower key, but includes all of the necessary fixes for dangerous spots. Ingrid showed the plan to the meeting. Everyone agreed that the new plan was what was wanted previously, is a lot safer, and still addresses the problems.


Gibson Park – week night parking on the lower Green – Coralie whilst walking on the park while netball was in progress, asked an official why the gate to the green had been opened for parking when there was adequate parking all around the park. The response was ‘we pay Council to lease the green for parking, and had permission’. Coralie emailed Brad Pettitt, trying to sort the problem out once and for all. Brad passed it on to another person in council who emailed back and said that Netball only leases the park for parking on Saturdays and therefore there should have been no cars on the greens, and that they probably needed to be reminded of the agreement. Since that time there has been no parking on the green, and gates have remained locked, which has allowed local people to use the park for other activities.


Gerald talked about another venue that had conflicted parking etc., and reminded of obligations for health and safety of community. Coralie requested that Precinct members be told of what changes are going to occur.

3. Gibson Park – Changes to parking signs – Coralie let meeting know that new signs have been erected on Forrest Street and wasn’t sure if they had been changed elsewhere around the park. They are No Parking at anytime signs both sides of verges, which lead to confusion and query from residents as to what was going on now around the park. Some discussion took place as to why this may have happened, and both Councillors did not seem to know either, so query should be made in order to sort out concern for residents that they may start being fined again for parking on their verge. Coralie again requested that Precinct Members be told of what changes are going to occur on and around the park.

Gerald talked about the dangerous situation in his Street (Holland Street west side), people rat running, builders utes etc., and all agreed it doesn’t get anyone anywhere, any faster. Ingrid said at least with lights, the traffic still flows.

4. Gibson Park – Drivers not cleaning up after their dogs – Coralie said that with the amount of people using the park now to exercise their dogs, and with many people also using the park for exercise and play, the area becomes pretty messy, especially with large dogs, and many visitors to the park have more than one dog, and often just come, park, let their dogs out to run and do their business, and leave without cleaning up after the dogs.

Doug said it is very difficult to police. Coralie offered that if it were people on the park defecating, we would not accept it, so why do we with dogs?

Coralie suggested fake cameras with a sign underneath, alerting park goers to the cameras and that licence numbers would be taken and people fined. Surely if people can use the facility and they abuse it, they should pay for it.

Doug said there is money in the budget for new 4G cameras. Signs saying ‘This area is under surveillance’. The cameras send a signal back, and Doug said it may be an idea for the future. He also raised the idea of having voluntary rangers for parks, such as residents who have a stake in the area, who may assist in the work of council, alerting them to offences or unacceptable behaviours of visitors. He said that apparently this is allowable within the rules, and he will follow up.


5. Plants for Wilkinson/Forrest Street Roundabout – Coralie said we have done this before, however even with kangaroo paws being put into the roundabout, it still looks shabby, and surely something that looks nice is likely to be more valued and looked after. Coralie suggested that if council gives her some Coastal Rosemary’s (Westringias), she will plant them, shape them into balls, which only needs doing once a year because they hold shape very well and are hardy.

Some discussion took place as to the value of this type of planting to add value to an area, and that Cockburn Council have done a lovely job of looking after their roundabouts and verges etc. Ingrid said that Cockburn do plantings very well, however had a big bag of rates to dip into and no heritage buildings to upkeep. Coralie felt that the black grass trees planted in Cockburn were just lovely.

Any Other Business – Coralie reiterated the need for Council to be more forthcoming with information around areas where residents would be affected eg. the change in signs and other going’s on around parks and streets. At least let Precinct committee know, so that if residents are concerned about changes, they can be told what is happening.

Doug talked about Fremantle putting in for a study on dogs and cats in the area, explaining what it was about and how they would go about it, i.e. with attachments to cats whose owners agreed to the study, to find out where their cats roamed to. Coralie said she had watched all of the shows where this had been done in England, showing that cats roam quite a distance at times. These cats also had cameras attached, although Doug said this would not happen with this study. He also talked about how far foxes travel. This would be done through National Resource Arrangement Grants.

Meeting closed at 7.50pm.
Next Meeting – 29th August 2017, same time, same place.
Remember : Joint meeting – WGV Primary school library 7.30pm Tues 4th July Check FREOSPACE for details : www.freospace.com.au
Contact Person : Karl Paterson ; 6161 5890 karlmrand@optusnet.com.au

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