GPP Minutes of 29th August, 2017

by kpaterson on 24 October, 2017



PRESENT – Karl Paterson, Coralie Clarke, Ingrid Waltham and Doug Thompson

Meeting opened 7.05 pm.
Apologies : Val Cousins, Ron Kowalilak (in Canada) …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Upgrade to High Street : Ingrid told us nothing much has changed since previously. City was still waiting for Main Roads, and high level concept plan is still with Main Roads for costing and engineering. As to where that is at present, Main Roads is still working on drawings.

Resident Stickers : Coralie said that after the new signs were placed in Forrest Street – (No Parking), the inspectors came around once again warning on the Saturday netball day. Coralie’s son turned up and parked on her verge at which time the inspectors were going to warn him. Coralie said it was her son, and the inspector said they couldn’t tell who was a resident and who wasn’t and we needed Resident Stickers. Coralie said that that had been asked previously and was refused. Both agreed that the area was problematic and there were other places with not such heavy traffic given ‘resident’ stickers.

Coralie reminded the meeting that there was infill in every back property now, and those people often had more than two cars, in fact the people next door had 4 and as there was young people living there they had visitors too which made life difficult on netball days apart from dangerous.

Doug said there was no such thing as a parking spot, and if a property had two parking places inside the property then that was all that was required. Coralie said that ignored the problems that residents faced with family and visitors cars.

Coralie said that the signs that are there now could lead to further problems for residents being fined as previously. Doug said people are fined for a reason. Coralie reminded of her fine several years ago which was on a Thursday, as well as many others in the street who had paid big amounts in


fines. Particularly galling for residents considering that Council will not fine netball goers.

Coralie also brought up the new signs on the opposite side of Forrest Street, that parking on that side of the road which would seem foolish considering it was now a bike pathway to and from Fremantle and parking on the road was not a good idea when there is parking on the park verge.

Ingrid said she would get clarification of street sign changes.

Round-about – Forrest and Wilkinson Streets : Doug is meeting with Ryan (council), re the westringias for the round-about. Coralie said the smoky grey would be much better as they will contrast with the dark green kangaroo paws.

Coralie also asked if some little white gums could be put onto the new children’s playground, as they were small in size, and pretty open, and their shape and trunk and branch colour of white was very pretty. Coralie said there was one on the corner of Coode and Forrest Streets that was a particularly nice example and very Australian.

Cameras : Doug said there was $40,000 for 3G cameras which are earmarked to be put in important spots, however they may not be considered for people not picking up after pets messes. Coralie felt that faux cameras could work, especially if they have a sign underneath warning of fines for not cleaning up pet messes. No one could really be sure and may baulk at the idea of paying fines for dog messes, so it could work. Coralie said many more people are using the park now with dogs and quite a few don’t bother to clean up after their pets. Also tradies in their utes come with their dogs, open the door for the dog to run and do their business, then hop back in and drive off, leaving the mess behind for children or others to step in. Coralie said that at times it is so bad that sections of the park have a mess about every couple of metres. Groups of people also bring their pets to play, gather in a circle chatting, not aware of what their dogs are doing in the background. This lead to Coralie telling of her pup being bitten, and Ingrid said that dogs should be on leads. Coralie felt this a little unreasonable for many who like their pets to run and play freely and go to the park for that reason. Doug said he would follow up about the cameras.

Playground : Val wanted an update. Ingrid said it will take place, and will take it up with Ryan from Council. Karl wanted to know what was in budget this time for the playground.


Mehdi Rissouli : Coralie advised of an artist, an Afghan refugee who is doing some installations for various places out of metal, stone and other materials. She is getting him to make an Art Deco gate for her place. He is on the internet under his name, and may also be connected to the Fibonacci centre. This was in relation to council requiring art installations or whatever for the new council buildings or any other installation that may be required.

Any Other Business : Ingrid let us know that White Gum Valley was having candidate debates for the next council election. As Gibson Park straddles the two wards, interested parties may wish to attend. Tuesday after nominations close 19/9/2017.


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