Minutes of GPP Meeting … Tuesday, 31st October, 2017

by kpaterson on 18 November, 2017

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 31 October 2017

Library, East Fremantle Primary School

Attendance: Sharn Bruere and Tahnee Bunting (City of Fremantle), Coralie Clarke, Val Cousins, Ron Kawalilak, Karl Paterson, Gerald Shepperson, June Shepperson, Cr Jenny Archibald, Cr Bryn Jones, Cr Ingrid Waltham
Apologies: Gail Harper, Greg Harper, Cr Doug Thompson

Meeting opened – 7.05 pm Chairperson – Val Cousins Minutes – Ron Kawalilak


  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Attendees agreed with the agenda presented.Minutes of the meeting held 29 August 2017 were approved.
  2. Small Housing Options For Fremantle – Sharn and Tahnee of the City of Fremantle spoke to how the City was progressing in changing its planning scheme and policies to provide more opportunities for diverse housing in Fremantle for small households. Stage Two of this process, which is currently underway, involves eight community- derived themes and a series of proposed planning rules designed to allow for smaller homes in suburban locations while protecting the things that people love about Fremantle neighbourhoods.The draft planning policy aims to balance increasing the Freo suburban population with safeguards to protect the character, aesthetics and greenery of each suburb. Key features include smaller building sizes on smaller blocks, tree retention and having a minimum of 70 per cent open space on a block. This would be different from ’Granny’ flat development, as it would allow separate ownership of the smaller house. Issues discussed at the meeting included parking, housing appropriate for seniors, and obtaining greater environmental, social and economic outcomes than the conventional approach of building two large homes on traditional lots of around 600 – 800 square meters. Full details can be found at mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/Freo_Alternative.

    Action: Residents have until 2 February 2018 to provide their views on these proposals (see the above website for details).

  3. Proposed Forrest/Holland Streets Heritage Area – Sharn and Tahnee spoke to the City’s proposal to have the area bounded by East, High, Wilkinson, Holland and Forrest Streets, and including all of Frank Gibson Park, to be designated a heritage area. Declaring a heritage area provides some protection to the character and streetscape of that area – focused on its heritage values and significance. For

example development proposals for places in heritage areas are assessed on the standard planning requirements and their impact on the heritage significance, streetscape and character of the area. The City would support development that respects and is sympathetic to the heritage value of the area.

A copy of Fremantle’s 2017 heritage review report and FAQs can be found at mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/HeritageReview.

Action: Residents have until 17 November 2017 to provide the City with their comments (see above website for details).

4. Gibson Park – A number of issues concerning Gibson Park were discussed:

4.1 Netball Courts – At the April 2017 meeting of GP Precinct, Karen Wheatland, representing the Fremantle Netball Association, broadly explained how the Association planned to use the $1.8m the State Government had pledged for the upgrade of GP netball facilities. This would include improvements to existing buildings, more shade areas between the buildings and improvements to spectator seating. There would be no enclosing of any netball courts, she said at that meeting. Coralie pointed out a recent article in the Fremantle Gazette that refers to “enclosing the show courts”, which is not what residents and other users of the park want, and asked whether there had been a change in planning concerning the park. Action: Cr Archibald said she would follow up on this and get back to Coralie.

4.2 Parking on the Lower Grassed Area – Coralie noted that vehicle parking on the lower grassed area continues to occur on days in addition to approved Saturdays during the netball season. Someone apparently has access to unlock the gate, allowing vehicles to be driven in and parked there, while there is ample parking space in designated areas around the edges of the park. There is a need for this to be properly policed to ensure others could use this area safely for play and to walk their dogs. Action: Cr Waltham to follow up.

4.3 Loudspeaker and Siren – Despite this being raised at numerous other Precinct meetings, Coralie noted that the loudspeaker and siren at the netball courts continue to be operated too loudly three nights at week and on Sunday mornings, affecting the amenity of nearby residents. Action: Cr Waltham said she would again bring this to the attention of compliance staff in the City.

4.4 Playground Upgrade – In a presentation to the Precinct on 23 February 2016, Stage 1 (of 3) of an upgrade to the park involved consolidating various fences for a more uniform appearance; installing a footpath and associated plantings along the Forrest Street verge of the park; removing existing fitness equipment from the swing pit; replacing mulch in existing play areas with clean white sand; and installing new adventure play equipment and associated plantings. Cr Waltham told the meeting that this was not currently in the City’s 2017-18 budget, but that an audit of where to best spend the City’s budget for upgrading parks was underway. Action: Cr Waltham to keep the Precinct informed on this issue.

4.5 Dog Poop Bags – Coralie noted that some of the poop bag dispensers around the park were empty for days. Cr Jones suggested cc’ing a local councillor when emailing the City about the need to replenish these bags.

4.6 Dethatching the Grassed Areas – While the grassed areas of the park are looking great after the recent dethatching of the playing fields, it was noted that nearby residents weren’t notified ahead of time of the dethatching and those who had their windows open at the time would have received a lot of dirt in their homes when the wind was blowing towards them. Action: This issue could be avoided if residents immediately bordering the park were informed beforehand of this type of park maintenance.

  1. High Street / Stirling Highway Intersection Upgrade – The meeting was informed that upgrade plans were still being worked on by Main Roads.
  2. Plants for Forrest/Wilkinson Street Roundabout – As discussed at the June meeting of the Precinct, it was suggested that the appearance of this roundabout could be improved if Westringia (coastal rosemary) were planted with the existing kangaroo paws. Coralie suggested that if council provided the plants, she would plant them and shape them into their well-recognised ball shape.  Coastal rosemary is drought tolerant and low maintenance, needing no pruning at all to stay neat and compact.

Meeting closed – 8:10 pm

Next Meeting – AGM and pre-Christmas Meeting Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 6.00 pm

6:00 – 6.30 pm AGM

Drinks afterwards with GPP and WGV Precincts

Councillor’s Lounge, Council Building, Fremantle

All are encouraged to come because this will be the last chance for our meeting there as in January it will start to be pulled down !!

Check Freospace for details: www.freospace.com.au

Contact Person:
Karl Paterson 6161 5890



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