GPP & WGVP Joint Community Meeting … 3rd April 2018 …High Street Upgrade

by kpaterson on 9 June, 2018

White Gum Valley and Gibson Park Precincts
Joint Meeting re: Proposed High Street Intersection


It is widely acknowledged that the intersection of High Street and Stirling Highway is not fit for purpose and requires upgrading to improve safety and traffic efficiency. The works have been delayed over many years due to disagreement regarding the solution and uncertainty caused by the Roe 8 Project. The Labor Government has now confirmed funding for works over the next two years and Main Roads WA has proposed a revised scheme.

Residents of White Gum Valley, Fremantle and East Fremantle, and particularly those residents in the Gibson Park precinct, are impacted by the existing road conditions and have a significant interest in the proposed solution.

Precinct convenors for the White Gum Valley and Gibson Park precincts requested that MRWA hold an early consultation meeting with residents to provide information about the proposal and capture the concerns and aspirations to inform the design process. MRWA declined to attend the proposed meeting, however the Precinct Groups decided to proceed with the meeting in order to capture the community input and provide it to MRWA.

These notes summarise community feedback provided at that meeting. They are provided to MRWA and elected members for information purpose. The community wishes for a combined meeting with MRWA to discuss this feedback and the design as soon as practically possible.

Meeting Overview

The meeting was held at the White Gum Valley School on the evening of 3rd April and was attended by approximately 45 residents. The Members of Parliament for Fremantle and Bicton, a Ward Councillors and the Mayor of Fremantle also attended. Invitations were via email to community email lists.

The format of the meeting was:

  1. Purpose and Introductions
  2. Project Background and Context – Simone McGurk, Member for Fremantle,

    and Lisa O’Malley, Member for Bicton

  3. Appraisal of proposed design and matters for discussion (local residents)
  4. Group discussions:
    1. Design / Local Access
    2. Land Use and Land Take
    3. Impacts: Noise, Air Quality & etc

    d. PedestrianandCycleAccess

  5. Feedback and final comments

The outcomes of the group discussions are collated in this document to be distributed to community members and the elected representatives; and to be forwarded to MRWA to assist them to prepare for a community meeting.

It is important to note that there were a range of view expressed at the meeting and these notes do not represent a consensus view. Some comments may be contradictory as they represent the various views of different community members.

Summary of Community Feedback and Questions


Responses to Proposed Design

  • Provide accurately scaled design drawings showing land take correctly
  • Provide comparative evaluation of traffic management options including the

    roundabout but also traffic signals and other options

  • How does the solution address problems identified by MRWA in previous designs, namely:

o Maintainingconstantspeedfortrucks(resolvedforeast-boundtraffic but not west/north-bound);

o Extentoflandtake.

  • At peak times the quantity of west/north-bound traffic through the roundabout will make it difficult for east-bound traffic leaving Fremantle on High Street to enter the roundabout.
  • How will access and traffic movements be managed during construction?
  • Keep the road reserve to 4 lanes

    Big Picture / Alternative Ideas

  • Prioritise Outer Harbour and utilise docklands to achieve urban growth targets
  • Take into account future changes to freight movements and the port which

    will see changes in road use patterns


    Responses to Proposed Design

  • Provide accurately scaled design drawings showing land take correctly
  • Ensure that residents of Gibson Park (Holland Street / Forrest Street surrounds) do not become a walled-in enclave that is isolated from Fremantle and surrounding areas
  • Provide detailed design of the interface between High Street, slip lane and existing dwellings, including sound treatments, vegetation, footpaths and the like.
  • How will construction impacts on local residents be managed and minimised?
  • Provide modeling of the likely impacts on the surrounding road network
  • Explain changes to local access/traffic in more detail
  • The design does not show adequate parking for the netball courts (appears to be less parking that at present). Consider an option to incorporate some parking in the re-design of the golf course/FERN/Boo Park and provide an overpass connection
  • Currently there is vegetation that provides screening between Holland Street and High Street. Maintain screening in the design.

PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLE ACCESS Responses to Proposed Design

  • Essential to have east-west and north-south connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to provide safe access to four local schools, child care, businesses and open space, as well as cycle commuting to rail station
  • Consider using lifts and overpasses to reduce land take,
  • Currently a manned school crossing approximately 100m from roundabout,

    this could become a safety issue with trucks coming through roundabout

  • Investigate an underpass on Forrest Street
  • Investigate overpass at Montreal or Onslow Street, consider also access at Amherst Street
  • Overpasses preferable to underpass for safety reasons
  • A well designed overpass would be an entry statement to Freo

    Big Picture / Alternative Ideas

• Trenching the road would make pedestrian connectivity easier HUMAN IMPACTS

Responses to Proposed Design

  • Undertake health survey (regarding diesel particulates)/ establish base line data
  • Ensure resident health is given priority in options analysis
  • Provide acoustic modeling and provide options for noise mitigation that are

    appropriate to the heritage character of the area

  • Ensure noise modelling takes into account noise generated by traffic stopping at Marmion Street lights.
  • Waive 20-year growth requirement in road planning – ensure Outer Harbour is incorporated in traffic demand modeling
  • Model the pros and cons of more freight task at night.

    Big Picture / Alternative Ideas

  • More freight to rail / rail upgrades / rail electrification
  • Impose higher standards on diesel vehicles
  • Prioritise Outer Harbour
  • Incentivise electric vehicles (trucks and cars)

LAND TAKE AND LAND USES Responses to Proposed Design

  • How much land will be resumed from Boo Park to the Golf course and from what part of Boo Park?
  • Compensation is required for loss of house values
  • Will more houses be resumed? Properties in Holland Street have been

    recognised for their heritage character and are in good condition

  • Ensure resident health is given priority in options analysis

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