Minutes of GPP Meeting … 27th Feb 2018

by kpaterson on 9 June, 2018



Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting

                              Tuesday 27 February 2018

Library, East Fremantle Primary School


Attendance: Coralie Clarke, Val Cousins, Ron Kawalilak, Karl Paterson, Gerald Shepperson, June Shepperson, Lisa O’Malley MLA, Cr Jenny Archibald

Apologies: Gail & Greg Harper, Cr Ingrid Waltham


Meeting opened – 7.05 pm

Chairperson – Val Cousins

Minutes – Ron Kawalilak




  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Attendees agreed with the agenda presented. Minutes of the meeting held 5 December 2017 were approved.


  1. Draft Precincts Policy – The City has prepared a new policy on Precinct Groups (replacing Precinct Guidelines dated August 2012) and this policy is open for public comment until 12 March 2018. The draft policy proposes that all groups have open and cost free membership where any interested community member is welcome to participate, and outlines the range of communication, financial and networking support available to precinct groups from the City. The role of the City’s Community Engagement Team in the operation and support of precinct groups is better defined than it was before. Action: Ron to provide the comment on, and support for, the draft policy through mysay.fremantle before submissions close on 12 March 2018.


  1. High Street and Stirling Hwy/High Street Intersection Upgrades – While no announcements on resolving this long-running issue have been made so far this year, Lisa and Jenny told the meeting that an announcement from the State Government was likely within the next two to three weeks. Postscript: A new draft concept plan for upgrading High Street was released by the State Government on 6 March 2018. The draft concept (see map attached) includes a roundabout at the Stirling Highway intersection, a wide median to separate traffic and preserve a number of mature trees, and a single-lane service road for residents north of High Street. Traffic headed towards the port will be fed through the two-lane roundabout. Traffic coming from the port will avoid the roundabout, turning left via a dedicated slip lane to be cut through some properties on High and Holland Streets. The draft concept plan does not include reference to much needed E/W and N/S pedestrian and cyclist crossings of Stirling Highway and High Street.


  1. Playground Upgrade and Other Improvements to Gibson Park – Val asked for an update on the stalled plans to upgrade the non-netball parts of Frank Gibson Park. Background: After consultation with precinct members in 2015, the city’s parks and garden team produced a three-stage plan for proposed improvements/upgrades to Gibson Park that was discussed at a precinct meeting in February 2016. Stage 1 involved consolidating various fences for a more uniform appearance; installing a footpath and associated plantings along the Forrest Street verge of the park; removing existing equipment from the swing pit; replacing mulch in existing play areas with clean white sand; and installing new adventure play equipment and associated plantings. Work to be carried out in Stage 2 and 3 included installation of new exercise equipment and associated plantings; planting of new shade trees; repairs to the High Street retaining wall; construction of formal car-parking along Wilkinson St verge and more. While further action on the project was delayed in 2016-17 because of changes within the city’s parks and garden team, and there was a budget item for this project in Fremantle’s 2017-18 draft budget, the proposed upgrade has not progressed. Action: Cr Archibald to look into the status of the proposed upgrade and report back to the Precinct.


  1. Dogs and Gibson Park – Coralie told the meeting that some of the bins in the park used to dispose of dog poo bags had been broken off and removed and this was causing a problem with disposing of these bags in a proper matter. She also noted that an increasing number of people exercising their dogs in the park were not picking up after their dogs, or controlling them properly, and a recent incident involved a large, boisterous dog that broke the leg of a puppy, causing the leg to be amputated. Rangers were following up on this last incident. Action: Cr Archibald to look into the status of the broken and missing bins and report back to the Precinct.


  1. Precinct Meeting Schedule – Precinct meetings are held the last Tuesday of every second month at 7pm in the library of East Fremantle Primary School. Meetings in 2018 are scheduled for February 28, April 24, June 26, August 28, October 30 and a pre-Christmas date to be determined.


  1. NBN Community Forum – Lisa O’Malley said area residents wishing to learn more or ask questions about the National Broadband Network were invited to attend a forum at the Tradewinds Hotel, 6:30pm – 8pm, on Thursday, 15 March 2018. RSVP on 9316 0666 or bicton@mp.wa.gov.au. The NBN has recently been switched on in parts of Fremantle, East Fremantle and Palmyra.



Meeting closed – 8:00 pm


Next Meeting – Tuesday, 24 April 2018

7:00 pm

Library, East Fremantle Primary School


Check Freospace for details: www.freospace.com.au


Contact Person:

Karl Paterson           6161 5890



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