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Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting

                              Tuesday 26 June 2018

Library, East Fremantle Primary School


Attendance: Sondra Anderson, Shane Chambers, Coralie Clarke, Val Cousins, Ron Kawalilak, Karl Paterson, Gerald Shepperson, June Shepperson, Cr Doug Thompson, Cr Ingrid Waltham

Apologies: None


Meeting opened – 7.05 pm

Chairperson – Shane Chambers

Minutes – Ron Kawalilak




  1. Proposed Demolition and Reconstruction of Gibson Park Netball Building – Sondra Anderson, President of the Fremantle Netball Association (FNA), provided the meeting with draft drawings and details of the proposed demotion of the netball club room and administration building in the park and the construction of new facilities on the same site. FNA were successful in obtaining a $1.8M grant from the State Government for this project and will be contributing up to $400,000 from association funds to support the project.


While the existing 60 year old facilities are structurally sound, they do not meet the contemporary needs of the FNA and its 5,000 members: the current facility lacks adequate function space for netball-related events and training, lacks storage for clubs and regional teams, and requires improved and better-located first aid treatment rooms. In addition, the proposed new facilities will have improved security features, employ anti-vandalism design and materials, a more neighborhood-friendly loudspeaker system, and will be available for other community uses.


Sondra explained that demolition work would commence mid-September 2018, at the close of the netball season, and construction would be completed by the end of April 2019 in time for the beginning of that netball season.


It was suggested that while an asbestos audit of the existing facilities indicates that there will not be an asbestos problem during demotion, placement of a dust logger on the site to monitor the demolition be wise and give a degree of comfort to residents. Sondra agreed to bring this to the attention of the project manager.



It was also suggested that the City should consider scheduling the promised upgrade of playground equipment and facilities at Gibson Park so they might be completed and available when the new netball facilities are completed. It was noted that the City is currently completing playground upgrades at a number of sites (including Davis Park, Fremantle Park, Sir Frederick Samson Park, Davies Reserve, the Leisure Centre, and Gilbert Fraser Oval) and, despite several requests, Gibson Park Precinct (GPP) has not been advised on when playground facilities at the park will be upgraded. Action: GPP requests information on when the City is to undertake playground replacement works in Gibson Park.


  1. High Street Upgrade – Representatives of Main Roads will provide a summary of the consultation outcomes to date and an overview of the project process to a joint meeting of the White Gum Valley and Gibson Park Precincts on Tuesday, 3 July 2018 (7:30pm, White Gum Valley Primary School Library). The key issues raised by residents at the joint precincts meeting in March (land use and land take; impacts on the community from noise, air quality, etc.; pedestrian and cycle access; and project design) were common themes in the consultation process so far. All residents are welcome to attend the meeting on July 3rd.


Detailed design of the project is still to get underway. Main Roads currently expects to have the project ready for construction by the end of 2019.


It was suggested that Fremantle Netball Association might want to formally get involved with this project so that parking issues at the park during netball season could be addressed and solved as part of the High Street upgrade. Sondra advised that the FNA would become involved.


  1. Future of Two Morton Bay Fig Trees in Kings Square – Council is considering the future of two Morton Bay fig trees in Kings Square – one of them being the ‘Christmas Fig’ on the eastern side of St. Johns Church. Both trees, planted around the 1880s, have experienced a rapid decline in health in recent years (including increased deadwood, loss of up to 80 – 90% of foliage, etc.) and pose an increased public safety risk. The City has been monitoring and managing the health of the fig trees in Kings Square since 2008. With the upgrade of public spaces in Kings Square, Council needs to decide whether to retain and manage the two trees until the end of their life, or remove and replace them with two healthy mature trees.


In a broad discussion at the meeting, (1) there was an expression that the two trees were likely beyond saving, because of the damage done to their root systems by excavation and building of limestone walls in the 1980s, and replacement with two mature trees was the best option; (2) there was a need to ensure that the tree management mistakes of the 1980s were not repeated; and (3) the significance of the Christmas Fig, in particular, should be recognised with a plaque or some other appropriate means in the Kings Square redevelopment. Action: Ron to provide the precinct feedback through mysay.fremantle before submissions close on Thursday, 5 July 2018.


For more information on this issue, and to provide feedback to the City, visit My Say Freo by July 5th.




  1. Precincts Policy – The City has adopted a new precincts policy. Key points in the policy include: (1) 11 precinct groups covering the Fremantle local government area; (2) membership of all precinct groups is open and cost free; (3) meeting notes/minutes must be publically available within 14 working days of a precinct meeting being held; (4) precincts revert to ‘deactivated status’ if the group does not meet for 12 months; (5) precinct groups decide the length of terms and how many terms their convenor will be appointed for; and (6) there will be an informal meeting between precinct convenors and City Council held annually.


  1. Dogs and Gibson Park – There was discussion about dogs and Gibson Park: an apparent increase in the number of residents exercising an increased number of dogs in the park; people failing to clean up after their dogs; and the aggressive behaviour of some big dogs towards smaller dogs. Some possible solutions canvassed included having an enclosure where small dogs could be exercised and separating the park (ie. top field and bottom field) into big dog and small dog areas. Action: Cr Waltham to follow up and report back to the Precinct.



Meeting closed – 8:10 pm


Next Regular GPP Meeting –        Tuesday, 28 August 2018

7:00 pm

Library, East Fremantle Primary School


Check Freospace for details:


Contact Person:

Karl Paterson           0401 844 784


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