GPP Minutes of 30th April, 2019

by kpaterson on 21 May, 2019

Gibson Park – Minutes 30-04-19

Minutes of Gibson Park Precinct Meeting Tuesday 30 April 2019

Library, East Fremantle Primary School Attendance: Shane Chambers, Val Cousins, Ron Kawalilak, Karl Paterson, Gerald

Shepperson, June Shepperson, Cr Bryn Jones, Cr Ingrid Waltham

Apologies: Coralie Clark, Cr Jenny Archibald

Meeting opened – 7.05 pm Convenor – Karl Paterson Chairperson – Val Cousins Minutes – Ron Kawalilak


  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Attendees agreed with the agenda presented. It was noted that minutes of the meeting held 26 February 2019 were not circulated but were recorded in the GPP minute book. These meeting notes were then reviewed and accepted.
  2. High Street and Stirling Hwy/High Street Intersection Upgrade – Shane told the meeting that he had appealed this decision to the EPA Appeals Convener, arguing that Main Roads was in error in treating the project as simply an upgraded intersection rather that one that falls under the recently revised State Planning Policy 5.4 – Road and rail transport noise, where, in addition to the planned noise walls, some area residents heavily affected by traffic noise would be entitled to additional noise mitigation measures (such as double glazing windows, acoustic ceiling insulation, etc.) for their homes. Shane reported that the Environment Minister had recently rejected this appeal, but the project may still be considered under SPP 5.4. According to the Main Roads website, construction works are anticipated to begin early-2020.
  3. Playground Upgrade and Other Improvements to Frank Gibson Park – Background: After consultation with precinct members in 2015, the city’s parks and garden team produced a three-stage plan for proposed improvements/upgrades to

On 5 March

2019, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) found the proposal to upgrade a

section of High Street in Fremantle is environmentally acceptable, provided conditions to reduce noise levels, retain mature trees and minimise the impact on black cockatoo

habitat are met.

Gibson Park that was discussed at a precinct meeting in February 2016. Stage 1 involved consolidating various fences for a more uniform appearance; installing a footpath and associated plantings along the Forrest Street verge of the park; removing existing equipment from the swing pit; replacing mulch in existing play areas with clean white sand; and installing new adventure play equipment and associated plantings. Work to be carried out in Stage 2 and 3 included installation of new exercise equipment and associated plantings; planting of new shade trees; repairs to the High Street retaining wall; construction of formal car-parking along Wilkinson St verge and more. While further action on the project was delayed in 2016-17 because of changes within the city’s parks and garden team, and there was a budget item for this project in Fremantle’s 2017-18 draft budget, the proposed upgrade has not progressed. This issue gets raised frequently at precinct meetings and in early April the Precinct was informed that ‘Council’s current asset renewal program for playground upgrades at Gibson Park have the full replacement shown in 2023/24. This is based on the condition of playgrounds across the City whereby the oldest/poorest playgrounds are replaced first.’

The feeling of the meeting was that the above-mentioned improvements to the park and facilities were long overdue and not just a maintenance issue, and should be considered in the City’s next budget. Action: Cr Waltham agreed to take a copy of the 2016 plans provided by the Precinct to the Parks Manager for review and consideration.

  1. Small Housing Initiative – There was discussion about the recent approval by the State Minister for Planning about the ‘Freo Alternative – Big Thinking about Small Housing’. This initiative is designed to provide greater housing choice, density and diversity within established suburbs if Fremantle. Within Gibson Park Precinct, it applies in the area bounded by Marmion Street to the north, Chudleigh Street to the west, High Street to the south, and Carrington Street to the east. Provisions of this initiative include: • • • • • • • •
  2. Other Issues or topics briefly discussed included (i) holes in the lower grassed area of Gibson Parks; (ii) the review of Fremantle’s Strategic Community Plan (all public comments due by 26 May 2019 – See My Say Freo); (iii) status of the Westport review of Perth’s freight needs for the next 50 years and beyond (This is an assessment of the Inner Harbour at Fremantle, the Outer Harbour at Kwinana, required road and rail networks, and the potential for the Port of Bunbury to contribute to meeting Perth’s freight needs. A report to government is expected by the end of 2019.); and (iv) Val expressed concern that the signage approved by delegated authority for ‘Freo.Social’ (in Artillery Drill Hall) was not consistent with the heritage area.

Meeting closed – 8:05 pm

Only applies to lots greater than 600 square metres;

New dwelling(s) shall have a maximum floor area of 120 square metres;

Maximum of three dwellings on lots of 750 square metres or less;

Minimum of 30 square metres of outdoor living area per dwelling;

Developments to have higher than standard energy efficiency ratings;

Minimum 70 per cent of the entire development site to be open space, with some

variation allowed to 60 per cent open space;

At least one mature tree to be retained or planted on site; and

A maximum of one parking bay per dwelling.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, 25 June 2019 7:00 pm

Library, East Fremantle Primary School

Check Freospace for details:

Contact Person:
Karl Paterson 0401 844 784

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