Gibson Park is named after Sir Frank Gibson, who served on the Council from 1919 to 1951 and was knighted in 1948 after 25 years as Mayor. After World War 2, the land was developed as a recreation reserve, and at its peak during the 1950’s, Frank Gibson Park hosted 14 different games of sport each week.

In more recent years there has been a great influx to the surrounding community of families and children. No wonder that today Gibson Park is so essential as Open Space for all outdoor activities such as walking dogs, children’s playground. soccer and other sports. During the Netball season, there are as many as 10,000 people every Saturday using the park and its facilities.

Gibson Park Precinct was defined in May 2003 when its 1st meeting was held. The Precinct was to extend from Marmion Street south to Stevens Street, from East Street and Swanbourne Street to Montreal Street, and following High Street East to Carrington Street.

Since then, Gibson Park Precinct has worked with the community, handing out fliers, signing petitions, organizing events and holding meetings usually the last Tuesday of every 2nd month at East Fremantle, primary school library. Together with City of Fremantle, the Precinct addresses issues such as the traffic problem on High Street, especially the section between Carrington Street and Stirling Highway as one of the worst for noise, pollution and safety in WA ! This problem is still a current issue and certain to get worse in the future as traffic volume including trucks to Fremantle Port increase. The Precinct is currently working for a solution.

They have fought for the Park to remain as an Open Space, free from the hands of High density property developers, for Netball and other activities to remain at the Park, striving to work amicably with the Golf Courses and they have set up a BBQ area next to the children’s recreation at Forrest Street. Other achievements include increasing awareness of the need for public parks through events and walks such as the very successful “Enjoy your Parks Day”, working with the Police through Neighbourhood Watch together with Gibson Park’s own “incident report sheet” now used by the police, and adapted by the City of Fremantle as an on-line report facility for all residents to use.

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